Sara – Canada
November 2019 – December 2020

Camille – France
March 2019 – December 2020

Stacy – Usa

July 2018 – December 2020

Cate – Uk
March 2018 – July 2020

Jo – Australia

March 2019 – Aprile 2020

Melodie – France
September 2018 – November 2019

Lina – Russia

September 2017 – November 2019

Judi – USA

September 2017 – April 2019

Natali – Usa
January – December 2018

Sara – India

January 2018 – May 2018

Avin – Norway

January – February 2018

Dopo ho frequentato corsi di italiano a tre scuole diverse e sette insegnanti diversi, potrei consigliare Beatrice vivamente. Era molto brava per identificare le miei cose più importante di migliorare. Mi dava le chiavi di cui avevo bisogno per aprire le porte per sistematizzare e mettere insieme una lingua italiana più completa. Beatrice ha molto esperienza, ma ha ancora la dedizione e la pazienza. Lei bilancia la grammatica con esercizi pratici e ha una capacità naturale di intrecciare conversazioni interessanti. Beatrice è probabilmente l’insegnante che speravi di trovare!

Etter å ha erfaring med italienskkurs ved tre forskjellige skoler og syv forskjellige lærere, kan jeg med stor trygghet anbefale Beatrice. Hun var veldig flink til å identifisere hva jeg burde forbedre. Hun ga meg nøklene jeg trengte til å åpne opp dørene til å systematisere og sette sammen mer utfyllende og fullverdige italienskkunnskaper. Beatrice er veldig erfaren, men er stadig like engasjert og tålmodig. Hun balanserer grammatikk med praktiske øvelser, og har en naturlig evne til å flette inn interessante samtaler. Dette er nok italiensklæreren du har håpet å finne!

Mark – UK

December 2017

Erin – UK

January – July 2017

Uygar – Turkey
January – May 2017

Kate – Australia
January – February 2017

Julia – Poland

November – December 2016

Natasha – New Zeland

February – December 2016

Beatrice taught me Italiano over the course of a little more than one month. She was always on time, reliable and very well organised. Her lessons were always interesting, well prepared and suited well to my needs. You couldn’t find a better teacher who is always willing to go the extra mile for her students. I highly recommend her!

Joanneke – Netherlands

From February 2014 – until today

As a passionate and certified professional Beatrice has love for languages in general as for her own language, whenever possible she travels outside Italy. That is why she knows how you feel when you learn a new language and she will do anything in her power to make you understand what you need to learn. The Italian language is beautiful and complicated and Beatrice will be involved from top to toe in your process of learning, together with her knowledge of human nature, her humour and her warm Italian heart!

Als bevlogen en bevoegde professional heeft Beatrice zowel liefde voor taal in het algemeen als voor haar eigen taal, wanneer mogelijk reist ze buiten Italië. Daarom weet ze hoe je je voelt als je een nieuwe taal leert en zal ze werkelijk alles doen om jou te leren begrijpen wat jij moet weten. Italiaans is een prachtige en gecompliceerde taal. In dat leerproces zal Beatrice van top tot teen betrokken zijn bij jou als student met haar mensenkennis, haar humor en haar warme Italiaanse hart!

Garth – USA

From November 2013 until today

I’ve worked with Beatrice for three years now and it’s been a great experience.  I’ve tried several other approaches to learning Italian — tutors, books, audio programs — and the only thing that’s really worked for me has been my time with Beatrice.  She knows just what your level is and is able to meet you there.  She doesn’t make you feel like an idiot, but gently challenges you.  A terrific teacher.

Florence – Canada

July 2016

Beatrice est une excellente enseignante. J’ai beaucoup apprécié son dynamisme et sa jovialité. Elle arrive à maintenir un équilibre judicieux entre la libre conversation et l’enseignement de la grammaire. Elle a une grande capacité d’écoute, et sait quand intervenir pour nous corriger, sans briser le rythme. Ses questions et choix d’exercices sont toujours stimulants. En somme, on se sent très bien soutenu tout au long de l’apprentissage. J’ai grandement cheminé auprès d’elle et je la recommande chaudement. Je poursuivrais les cours avec elle n’importe quan.

Sophia – UK

May – June 2016

I am extremely fond of Beatrice and will certainly continue lessons as soon as I am able to return to Florence. She is accommodating, quick witted, caring and great company; all you could hope for from a teacher! Without reservations I recommend her as a teacher for any person or level of Italian.

Andrea & Fabio – USA/Brasil

From October 2015 to January 2016

My husband and I took lessons from Beatrice while we lived in Italy for a year. She is such a great teacher. She was always in a good mood with a smile on her face. Beatrice taught us conversational Italian classes and helped us learn grammar at the same time. I loved having her as a teacher and getting to know her while I was Italy.  I wish that we could have stayed in Italy longer and continued taking lessons with her! 

Grazie Mille Beatrice!

Giuliano – Germany

December 2015

Kirsten – Norway

May 2014

Per due settimane a Firenze ho avuto un insegnamento eccelente da Beatrice. È molto gentile e tranquilla e riesce a fare rilassare gli studenti. Non sempre avevo il coraggio di parlare italiano, – capevo la lingua parlata abbastanza bene, ma ero difficile esprimermi. Beatrice trovava sempre qualcosa di interessante di cui parlare, ed io dimenticavo le mie paure e le mie difficoltà.
Consiglerò asoluttamente a tutti le lezioni con Beatrice.

Kirsten fra Norge

I løpet av to uker i Firenze fikk jeg utmerket undervisning av Beatrice. Hun er meget vennlig og rolig, og fÃ¥r studentene til Ã¥ senke skuldrene. Selv har jeg ikke alltid mot til Ã¥ snakke italiensk, – jeg forstÃ¥r mye, men Ã¥ uttrykke seg er vanskelig. Beatrice brakte alltid interessante temaer pÃ¥ banen, slik at jeg glemte meg selv og engstelsen og skravlet i vei.
Jeg kan absolutt anbefale undervisningen med Beatrice.

Kate – USA

December 2013 – March 2014

I’ve been visiting and living in Italy for extended periods over the last few years, but I was never very confident in my Italian.  I worked with Beatrice for several months to improve my grammar and conversational skills and was really happy with the results.  She’s a patient and kind teacher with a good sense of humor and is quite passionate about teaching and working with students, as well as learning about new cultures and meeting interesting new people.   She immediately made me feel at ease and was always ready to help with language questions or to offer advice.  I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to learn Italian — from beginners to more advanced speakers who want practice or a review of grammar.

Nick – Australia

October – December 2012 and October – December 2013

I did several private lessons with Beatrice over a period of about three months and she was fantastic. I’m in my mid 20s and hadn’t learnt italian before in any great detail and by the end of the three months I could hold basic conversations in italian. She tailored our lessons to me depending on what I wanted to learn, was always organised and was very passionate about teaching. Not only did I learn a lot but I also had a great time doing it! I strongly recommend Beatrice!

Mitsuko – USA

September 2011

Christian – USA

 February – May 2011

Beatrice Massaro is a truly gifted teacher. I had the good fortune of being in her intensive Italian class while I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy during the spring 2011 semester. For almost four months, we met every week, Monday – Thursday, at the Piazza Strozzi branch of Scuola Lorenzo De’Medici. Spending that much time with any instructor gives you the ability to get to know them quite well. In that space, I came to appreciate Beatrice’s unique ability to not only relate to her students, but to adapt her approach based on her observations.
Teaching a language is a notoriously difficult proposition because extensive knowledge of the subject matter does not automatically make one skilled at conveying it to others. There are plenty of native speakers of any language who would be downright miserable at trying to teach it to someone else. More so than any other discipline, instructing someone in a new language requires the teacher to understand how the student learns and what methods are best for them to absorb the language and make it their own. The repetition of facts or the memorization of formulas is insufficient. Beatrice understands better than most that language is organic and develops for everyone differently. The empathy that she has for her students and her ability to reach them on an individual level is what makes her such an exceptional instructor.
For the most part, my classmates and I were American college students studying abroad in Italy for a semester. Playing on whatever stereotypes may be inherent in that description, for many professors this would not be the easiest group of individuals to teach. Beatrice easily bridged this gap by acknowledging our situation and keeping her approach relatable to our age bracket. There was never a boring class and every lesson clearly served a valuable purpose. There were also plenty of opportunities for us to enjoy learning Italian and to use what we had learned to make our time abroad that much more memorable.
A final note about Professoressa Massaro is her genuinely likeable personality. I have spent much of my adult life in academia and have had my fair share of brilliant professors. Regardless of their personalities, I always learned a lot from them, but I learned so much more when I enjoyed being around them and when I felt comfortable going over to ask questions or request clarification. I never felt even the slightest hesitation asking Beatrice for help or to explain some intricacy of the Italian language that wasn’t quite making sense to me. Couple this with her natural teaching abilities and you have one of the finest professors I’ve come across during my academic career.
In closing, I would enthusiastically recommend Beatrice Massaro, without hesitation or qualification, to any student (regardless of age or skill level) looking to speak better Italian. You will find her to be eminently capable of instructing her students in the way that they learn best. She will give you the tools to reach your potential and that’s the greatest compliment that I can give to any instructor. How far you go will be up to you, but having Beatrice as your teacher will give you the best chance of achieving excellence.

Kari – USA

February – May 2009

Kendal – USA

February – May 2009

Alexandra – Mexico

February – May 2009

Dimitri – USA

February – May 2009

Barbara – USA

September – December 2008

L’abilita a parlare, legere, e scrivere un altra lingua é un regalo me ha datto da Beatrice Massaro. Beatrice ha la conoscenza esperta e nativa di cultura e lingua Italiano, e gli instruzione metodi sono infusi con l’conoscenza dal’teatro. Sempre Beatrice ha il comportomento positivo, sempre pronta a sorridere.
Dopo 1 – 2 mese d instruzione intensivi con Bea, ero parlando con gli Italiani nativi! Non si trova un insegnante d’Italiano piu bella da Beatrice Massaro

Milica – Serbia

September 2007 – February 2008